Justine Fisher

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‘Art interests me very much, but truth interests me infinitely more. The more I work, the more I see things differently, that is everything…becomes more and more unknown, more and more beautiful. The closer I come the more remote it is… if I embarked on a ship for unexplored countries…it would be exactly like what I’m doing now. That adventure is really and truly mine…All I ask is to press wildly onwards.’  - Alberto Giacometti

Whilst painting, I strive toward a moment where the physical act becomes instinctual and my mind is able to quiet and unite with my body. If successful, the viewer is able to glimpse into a level of consciousness, not only through the image itself but also through the gesture of the work. As Giacometti poetically phrased it; the further one delves, the greater the mystery becomes and the more possibilities there are to discover.

Human nature is complex. The female body is mysterious. Like Mother Nature, she changes, evolves, retreats and advances. Out of control at times, our bodies continually act of their own accord; and so women have learnt to deal with the unknown. Glimpsing into private scenes, topless women interact, comfortable, despite their exposure. Concentrating on breasts, a body part of universal obsession amongst both sexes; these works hone in on the signifier of the physical turmoil of the female body.