Daniela Kovacic

Vertical Tabs


The primary subject matter of my work is rooted in personal experiences, and developed through the exploration of the portrait in different ways throughout my career.

My latest series of work, Latino America Querida 2013, revolves around the idea of Latin America
as a hybrid being, like Frankenstein’s creature. The series of work is based on Colonial Latin American imagery. I intend for the small polychromed wood sculptures embedded in Colonial Latin American culture, known as tallas, to be perceived as an allegory of the construction and development of Latin America. Not only religiously but also socio-politically and idiosyncratically.

This series represents an adaptation of these religious figures (the tallas) through a scale and medium shift. The small sculptures are painted as high as two meters in which I represent and forcefully amalgamate wooden pieces, human portraits, gold and metals, bird wings, crowns and veils, and more. It’s a unity of pieces that don’t belong to each other but somehow manage to create a creature mutilated by history.