Zed Taylor

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Most of my clients & friends are calling me an, "artist” or some kind of, "designer-artist".

I don’t care about titles such as these.

I have lived and worked in many types of open loft space-studios across the world, such as London, Paris, Ibiza, Cape Town, and now Berlin, creating my own, "dream world" where I need to feel and live with my art production, which I call, my "temple".


I really enjoy when a client, a friend, or an art dealer, whom after a few hours in my, "temple", tell me they feel as if they're in a completely different world.


A world where they start TO DREAM.


I can easily say that half of my art production life, I created my own art productions, and the other half was, "compromising" with special orders from clients, transforming finalized MixSetInstallation sets or transforming finalized Photography sets or working on specific special orders based on "realistic" subjects, or photography portraits.


I enjoy very much, and can easily say that I need to meet my clients, to feel what they need, to feel what would suit their homes, offices or business places, and together we try to find the perfect mix regarding the architecture, the size and the balance of the space.