Sebastian Mögelin

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Sebastian Moegelin personifies untamed the well-known face of Berlin: young, wild, provo-creative, poor and extremely sexy. He shows typical city scenes in an accomplished manner, without losing the huge amount of emotions and feelings of the city.

Moegelin offers a real look at the day-to-day life, the foundation which lets the city live and drive. The simple things pair up with lightness, esthetics, a glamorous underground fame and pithy statements which approach the beholder appealingly and take him by the hand to have a last drink at a trendy bar in Kreuzberg.

Hardly gotten used to the picture in one’s head and ready to mark the next calendar day as “not productive due to a critical state of health”, black light turns on and reveals a second deeper level of the presentation of Sebastian Moegelin’s works. They suddenly show the notorious side of the city: bawling, brusque, vulgar, mercilessly and nonetheless firmly rooted.
Moegelins paintings stay in their basic framework but in their terms of content they gain a double life which needs to be newly evaluated.

Sebastian Moegelins paintings show the Ying Yang of Berlin and simultaneously point out the universal problems of the young generations which symbolically represent the city. A coexistence of those two sides has been created. Those two levels are not shown as a whole but nonetheless they are simply conceivable from two points of view and have the need to be subjectively united by the beholder.

Having done this, a completely new but real image of Berlin reveals itself. Looking at Sebastian Moegelins work every one hears the pulse of the never sleeping art metropolis beating.